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iPhone App that let you take notes while reading, be it files or web pages. Download!

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What is in Read And Note:

  • It can store documents, and allow you to view them in fullscreen.
  • It also includes a full screen web browser.
  • A on-screen note window, which floats above reading window(Portrait mode), or stand side-by-side with reading window(Landscape mode).

What you can do in Read And Note:

  • Open on-screen text note window while reading, type a note, or copy text from file/web you are reading, and paste them into note window, without switching application.
  • Shake the device to bring up "Undo" menu while editing notes.
  • Upload .txt .doc .pdf .ppt .xls .rtf .jpg... files onto your device.
  • Browse uploaded documents in Portrait mode or Landscape mode, switch between modes by rotating the device.
  • Browse web pages using with the included fullscreen web browser.
  • Add web page to "favorite web page list", and manage existing favorites.
  • Manage all documents uploaded, delete them when needed.
  • Create new notes, and manage all existing notes.
  • Share uploaded documents over Wifi network, any computer with web browser can access those files while sharing is enabled.

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